Water Heater Installation and Repairs

Water Heater

Problems with water heaters can be very difficult to diagnose and fix, because of the number of components involved. Most water heaters today are either gas or electric, and if you're not experienced in working with these types of heating elements, you could put yourself or your family in danger. Problems with water heaters are best left to professionals, and Half Price Plumbing has over 39 years of experience in water heater repair.

Are you Experiencing any of these Hot Water Heater problems?

  • Little or No Hot Water
  • Rust Color in your Water
  • Sulfer (Rotten Egg) Odor
  • Irregular Noises (Banging, Popping, Rumbling)
  • Leaking, Steaming or Condesation

Half Price Plumbing is experienced in handling every hot water heater problem under the sun, for both gas and electric. We have worked on just about every brand and model water heater out there, and are licensed by "American Heaters" for tankless water heaters. The number of causes that lead to the problems listed below are overwhelming for people without the level of professional experience we have at Half Price Plumbing.

The list of possibilities seem to never end:

faulty gas pilots, thermocouples, control valves, thermostats, faulty heating elements, faulty plumbing, misguided hot and cold water pipes, corrosion inside of tank, bacteria in tank...

Knowing how to diagnose, address and repair these problems takes expertise, and you need to hire someone you trust not to over charge you. Half Price Plumbing has a reputation for excellence and honesty. In fact, the motto that we rest our entire reputation on is "Honest, Reliable and On Time" and we've earned this with over 13 years of professional service as a company.

If you are having problems with your water heater give us a call or contact us via email today!